Anti-creasing agent

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Dymacre DM-2864 An Wet process for compact nylon fabrics.
Gives excellent bath lubrication to nylon fabrics and effectively prevent wrinkling.
Dymacre 550 Non In-bath wrinkle-proofing during wet processing of heavy, compact fabrics and spandex fabrics.
It reduces friction between fabrics and between fabrics and equipment, preventing crease marks.
Dymacre 440 Non Polyester, nylon, cotton and their blends for thick and dense fabrics. Reduces surface creases caused by knotting of fabrics during rope processing.
Reduces the "chicken paw print" formed by the creasing of heavy, high density fabrics. It can effectively reduce the wrinkles formed by non-uniform contraction of the draw frame fabric and shrinking silk. It has a significant improvement on the hand feel of the fabric.
Dymacre DMB-900 Non Suitable for synthetic fiber, cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton spandex and other blending, interweave dyeing for anti-wrinkle agent, has excellent lubricity effect.
It has little effect on shade, and the color yielding is not obviously reduced. Good alkali resistance and electrolyte stability, good compatibility with most dyes and auxiliaries. Stable working bath, non-staining equipment, easy to clean.