UV Resistant Agents

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Dymafin DM-3091 Non Polyester and its blended fabrics for UV-resistant finishing.
Has a significant absorption effect to 280 ~ 320nm UV, long-lasting effect, has a certain enhancement to light fastness.
Dymafin DM-3092 Non Suitable for UV resistant finishing of various fabrics.
It maximally retains the fluorescence of the whitening fabric, has little influence on the whiteness of the fabric, does not affect the shade. It can prevent the fiber from degradation and brittle damage due to sunlight irradiation, and improve the anti-aging performance.
Dymafin DM-3095 An UV-resistant finish for cellulose and nylon fibers.
The UV protection of cellulose and nylon fibers can be significantly improved. Low impact on the color and whiteness of the finishing fabrics.
Dymafin DH-3899 Non It is suitable for the anti-UV finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon and other fiber types of textiles.
Excellent absorption of UV-A and UV-B, significantly reducing UV transmittance. Gives the fabric excellent UV-resistance.