Thickeners for printing

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Dymathik DM-5262H An Thickener for disperse printing.
Fast puffing speed, easy paste making, high color yield, brilliant color, good penetrating property, sharp definition, no kerosene smell, no formaldehyde and APEO.
Dymathik DM-5264 An Thickener for reactive printing.
Easy to wash-off, excellent handfeel, high color yield; sharp definition, good color brilliancy, cost-effective, does not contain Formaldehyde, APEO free, can be use alone to make reactive printing paste as well as with alginate.
Dymathik DM-5288A An Synthetic thickener for pigment printing.
High electrolyte resistance, fast thickening rate; high strength, sharp printing definition. Excellent stability against black and white pigment. Formaldehyde-free, APEO-free.
Dymathik DM-5288N An Synthetic thickener for pigment printing.
High solid content, strong thickening capacity, low dosage; fast thickening, easy to make printing paste, good water cohesion capacity and electrolyte resistance, does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain APEO.
Dymathik DM-5288 An Synthetic thickener for pigment printing.
High strength, excellent stability to electrolytes, outstanding anti-flushing performance, sharp printing definitions. Formaldehyde and APEO free.