Low temperature pretreatment auxiliaries

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Scourmatic DM-1344 An/non Cotton and its blended knitted fabrics are bleached at 80~85°C.
Low foam/fast defoaming, excellent bleaching and capillary effect at temperature 80~85°C.
Oxymatic DM-1430 Non Low temperature scouring and bleaching of cotton and its blended knitted fabrics and yarns, cold-pad-batch, batch-steaming, continuous pad-steaming process.
Reduce the activation energy of hydrogen peroxide, promote the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, high whiteness of the fabric after bleaching, less fabric strength loss, smooth fabric surface, reduce crease marks. Reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.
Oxymatic DM-1436 An Bleaching of cotton and its blended knitted fabrics.
At low temperature of 80~85°C, the bleaching whiteness and capillary effect are excellent when used with the scouring agent; at high temperature of 110°C, a small amount of caustic soda can be used to achieves conventional bleaching result, eliminating neutralization and washing process.