Flame retardants

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Flamatic DM-3072N / Durable flame-retardant finishing of cotton fabrics.
After finishing, the fabric can obtain excellent flame-retardant effect, good durability, in the standard household washing conditions, resist more than 50 times wash, the release of free formaldehyde from the fabric is small.
Flamatic DM-3074 An Suitable for cotton, polyester and its blended textile flame retardant finishing.
After finishing the fabric can obtain excellent flame-retardant effect, not resistant to washing, no odor, non-toxic, non-irritating, does not contain formaldehyde.
Flamatic DH-3088 / Can be used for the interior decoration of buildings, curtains, cars, curtain fabric, special work clothes and other fabrics, especially suitable for polyester, polyester-cotton and other fabrics. Flame retardant treatment for blended and PU coated fabrics.
High phosphorus content, good water solubility. The treated fabric has permanent, wash-resist flame-retardant function.
Flamatic DH-3019 / Suitable for durable flame-retardant finishing of polyester fabrics.
Flame retardant finishing can be done in the dyeing or by dip-padding method. When flame-retardant finishing with dyestuff in the same bath, it can shorten the process without affecting the flame-retardant effect, good level-dyeing property, and does not affect the color depth and shade, and the flame retardancy does not decline after repeated washing.
An Suitable for non-durable flame-retardant finishing of cotton, polyester, wool and blended fabrics.
Powder, low dosage, excellent flame-retardant effect can be obtained after finishing the fabric.
It has little effect on shade, hand feel and fabric strength.