Other functional finishes

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Dymafin DM-3545N Non Moisture-wicking and super-soft finishes for cotton and nylon fabrics.
Excellent hydrophilic and elastic soft hand feel, while giving the fabric antistatic, quick-drying and soil-release properties.
Dymafin DM-3541 Non Anti-wrinkle, stretch and downproof finishing for cotton, rayon, hemp and other cellulose fibers.
Soft, bulky and super-fresh stretchy features. Good shrinkage and wrinkle resistance, abrasion resistance and wash and dry-cleaning resistance.
Dymafin DM-3546 An/non Stretch finishing of cotton knitted fabric, anti-pilling finishing.
Good elasticity and cross-linking, giving excellent resilience and anti-pilling, effectively improving the bursting strength of cotton knitwear.
Dymafin DM-3580 / Suitable for the remediation of excess formaldehyde in non-ironing resins, stiff resins, and flame-retardant finishing fabrics or garments.
It can reduce the content of residual formaldehyde in textiles with no side effects on the human body and the environment.
Dymafin DM-3613 Non It is suitable for the situation where the waterproofing agent sticks to the rollers or to prevent the waterproofing agent from sticking to the rollers.
Significantly reduce the friction between the waterproofing agent and roller, improve the phenomenon of waterproofing agent sticking to roller.
Dymafin DM-3014N An For use in a variety of fabrics and materials.
Absorb infrared light emitted from the surface of textiles and irradiated to the textiles, especially near-infrared, can play a role in thermal insulation and warmth. Can be a good concealer for military purpose.
Dymafin DH-3765 An Suitable for anti-pilling finishing of various types of fabrics.
It can significantly improve the anti-slip property of all kinds of easy-slip yarns and improve the sewing strength. Can obtain excellent anti-pilling effect. Compatible with OBA.
Dymafin DH-3763 Cat Suitable for anti-pilling finishing of various types of fabrics.
Good cross-linking and film-forming properties, excellent anti-pilling effect, as well as excellent anti-slip properties. Can be used in baths with most finishing auxiliaries.
An It is suitable for cooling finishing of all kinds of fabrics.
The fabric can be cooled by covering the infra-red threads to prevent the temperature inside the garment from rising. By using resin, the wash resistant can be improved.