Nylon dyeing agents

Product Ionicity Applications & Characteristics
Dymalev DM-2203H Cat Acid dyeing of nylon and its blends.
Excellent migration and retarding properties to ensure uniform dyeing effect, and can also be used for correction of uneven dyeing, high concentration products. Low dosage.
Dymalev TBW-95 An Acid dyeing of nylon and its blends.
Fibrophilic type leveling agent with excellent migration and retarding and streak warp covering properties.
Dymalev DM-2209 An Dyeing of nylon fibers, also used for correcting nylon uneven-dyeing.
Fibrophilic leveling agent, excellent migration performance; excellent correction effect for uneven dyeing caused by weak acid/neutral dyestuff on nylon fabric. It can also significantly improve the "steak warp" and "barriness" caused by fiber difference; strong penetration, suitable for beam dyeing.
An Dyeing of nylon, wool and their blends or yarns with weakly acidic and neutral dyes.
Fibrophilic leveling agent, excellent retarding and dyeing synchronization performance, even-dyeing, right, rich, and brilliant color; excellent penetration, especially suitable for weak acid dyeing of nylon fabric; effectively reduce the shallow edge, and can reduce the "streak warp" and “barriness” caused by fiber differences; excellent migrating performance, strong correcting effect to uneven dyeing; high concentration, small dosage, cost saving.
Dymatard DM-2922 an Cotton/nylon dyeing or printing prevents reactive dyes from staining nylon.
Excellent anti-reactive staining effect on nylon, virtually no effect on cotton dyeing depth, shade and fastness.